Part Type:
Hole Pattern:
AMPS 4-Hole Pattern
Solution Type:
Custom Form-Fit Cradle
Material Finish:
High Strength Composite


Simply put, RAM offers the most complete and well thought out line of docking stations for portable devices. As you would expect, the powered dock for the Intermec CS40 Mobile Computer has been built with both the device and the user in mind. Easy to insert and remove from the spring loaded cradle, the CS40 can be kept safe, secure, and is ready in countless environments. Reduce the risk of damage to your Intermec investment by installing and using RAM products at workstations or in vehicles. The RAM dock offers an external power supply that can accept 12-28VDC input via the cigarette lighter in the vehicle. The USB Type A connector can run a client device and the Micro USB connector enables ActiveSync to a PC. The serial (RS232) interface provides connectivity for on-board Telematics or vehicle monitoring equipment. Is space at a premium? The RAM Intermec CS40 dock is form fitting and compact. With full access to everything, RAM insures you get the most out of your Intermec CS40 Mobile Computer. This mount is designed to hold the following devices: Intermec CS40 Features: 1. Power supply accepts 12-28 Volt DC Input 2. 1 QTY USB Type A for operating a client device such as a USB printer, thumb drive, scanner or similar device 3. 1 QTY Micro USB connector for ActiveSync with PC 4. 1 QTY DB9 Serial connection which can be configured for RS-232 serial ports to drive on-board Telematics or vehicle monitoring equipment 5. One externally mounted stylus 6. Spring tension provides constant secured docking connector contact Material: High Strength Composite Note: The „U” in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. The cradle includes a set of four nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any of the RAM compatible mounts. RAM cradles do not include the RAM-B-202U.Related Links:Intermec CS40 New Products PageRAM Powered Dock Mounts PageRAM Mobile Handheld PC Mounts PageImages.

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