Description: The RAM-ROD™ 2007 Fly Rod Jr. holder is one of the most popular rod holders for the kayak angler due to its simplicity and adjustability. Utilizing the RAM patented 1.5” ball, you can rotate and adjust the rod holder almost infinitely making this rod holder ideal for kayak fishing. This rod holder is designed for use with fly rods and reels. The ball and socket enable fine adjustment without the need to loosen a knob which is ideal for making small adjustments as your fishing scenario changes throughout the day. Includes 1.5″ ball with a 2″ X 2.5″ flat surface mounting base. Material: High Strength Composite Ball Size: 1.5″ Rubber Ball Size Note: Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. Related Links:RAM Fishing Rod & Tube HoldersRAM Kayak Mounts.

The RAM® Bond-A-Base™ is a flexible PVC mounting pad which allows the attachment of a RAM ball mounting base or spline/post base. Easily install with the included 3M VHB double-sided adhesive pad that connects the Bond-A-Base™ to your kayak, stand up paddleboard or inflatable watercraft.

– Quick and easy installation
– Attach to PVC or Hypalon boats using marine adhesive glue
– Compatible with RAM Post/Spline and ball bases
– Plugs included for sealing holes which are not in use
– High strength materials ensure product longevity
– Made in U.S.A.
– Lifetime warranty

Length: 7″
Width: 5.375″

High Strength Composite

Included with Purchase:
Grey Bond-A-Base with (4 qty) Hole Plugs
(4 qty) 10-24 X 3/4″ LONG SS PH Machine Screws
(4 qty) 10-24 SS Square Nuts
(4 qty) 1/4″-20 X 3/4″ LONG SS PH Machine Screws
(4 qty) 1/4″-20 SS Square Nuts

Suggested Adhesive Glue:
Choose an adhesive that is suitable for bonding PVC or Hypalon, based on your specific application.

The „U” in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.

0.5 lbs.

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