CarAircraftMarine (Boat, Kayak, SUP)
Suction Cup
Solution Type:
Mount with Holder
Custom Form-Fit Cradle
Ball Size:
B size 1” (Holds up to 5 lbs)
Material Finish:
Marine-Grade AluminumHigh Strength CompositeRubber


The RAM-B-166-AP1U, twist lock suction cup mount consists of a 3.25″ suction cup locking base, socket system and custom high strength composite cradle for the Apple iPod. The mount is designed with a RAM 1″ diameter patented rubber ball and socket system that has adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm; this allowing for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. Simply attach the suction cup base to the windshield of your vehicle for an easy and safe way to view your handheld device in your vehicle. High quality materials ensure your electronic device is safe, secure, and within easy reach. RAM’s patented design also dampens shock and vibration helping to extend the life of your mobile device. This mount is designed to hold the following devices: Apple iPod G1 10GB Apple iPod G1 5GB Apple iPod G2 10GB Apple iPod G3 10GB Apple iPod G3 15GB Apple iPod G3 20GB Apple iPod G3 30GB Apple iPod G3 40GB Apple iPod G4 20GB Mono Screen Apple iPod G4 20GB Photo Color Apple iPod G4 30GB Photo Color Apple iPod G4 40GB Mono Screen Apple iPod G4 40GB Photo Color Apple iPod G4 60GB Photo Color Apple iPod G5 30GB Video Color Apple iPod G5 60GB Video Color Apple iPod G5 80GB Apple iPod U2 20GB Mono Screen Apple iPod U2 20GB Photo Color Material: High Strength Composite and Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum Ball Size: 1″ Rubber Ball „B” Size Note: The „U” in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. Related Links:RAM Apple Mounts PageRAM Suction Cup Mounts Page   RAM® double socket arms with their distinctive hour-glass shape are designed and recognized to provide the best possible performance for most any application.

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