RAM® Twist-Lock™ Composite Suction Mount with RAM® Quick-Grip™ Holder

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Industry: Car
Function: Suction Cup
Solution Type: Mount with Holder
Ball Size: B size 1” (Holds up to 5 lbs)
Material Finish: High Strength Composite, Rubber

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The RAM Quick-Grip with Twist-Lock Suction Cup consists of a 3.3″ diameter suction base, composite double socket arm and spring loaded cradle for supporting most phones. The Twist-Lock Suction Cup is designed to have a strong hold on any windshield, glass and non-porous surface. The double ball and socket design provides adjustment points at both ends of the socket arm with the turn of a single knob, allowing you to set your phone to the optimal viewing position.

Rubber caps are included for additional support for the top and bottom fingers.

Cradle Clamping Dimensions:
Height Range: 4.75″ – 5.75″
Width Range: 1.25″ – 3.25″

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