Description: The RAP-394-SSF consists of the TOUGH-TUBE™ fishing rod holder, 3″ long ratchet spline post arm and square flush mounting base. The ratcheting feature allows for the tube to tilt forward and back 180 degrees for optimum viewing angles. The flush mounting base contains 4 pre-drilled holes and a female socket for spline post arms. Ideally suited for anything from Kayaks to Tournament boats, this compact and simply design is ready for your next day on the water. Features: 1. Quick release and installation 2. High strength materials ensure product longevity 3. Compatible with all RAM & 3rd party post spline bases 4. Compatible with spinning reels and level wind reels 5. Ratchet system allows for multiple articulation points 6. Lanyard tie points for extra security 7. Custom designed for heavy chop environments 8. Mount virtually anywhere on heavy rigged kayaks without hinderance 9. Lifetime warranty 10. Made in U.S.A. Dimensions: Inner diameter: 1.9″ Inner tube length: 10″ (from bottom to top of lip) Post Spline Length: 3″ Material: High Strength Composite Notes: Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. Related Links:NEW! RAM TOUGH-TUBE™Kayak MountsFishing Rod Holders

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