Solution Type:
Ball Size:
B size 1” (Holds up to 5 lbs)
Material Finish:
Marine-Grade AluminumZincRubber


The RAM-B-152-339 consists of a double socket arm, one round 2.5″ diameter base with the universal AMPS hole pattern, magnetic base and 1″ diameter ball with rubber coated high intensity spot light. This heavy duty, high intensity, spot light has more than 32 different bulb selections available. Rubber ball, socket technology dampens shock and vibration, as well as allows for almost infinite adjustment, perfect viewing angles. Magnetic Base Description: One of the latest additions to the RAM product line is a new magnetic base. This simple adapter mates to your new or existing mount that has a RAM-B-202U, RAP-B-202U or RAM-202U base with ball. Once attached, you have a mount that will hold firm to ferrous metals like nothing else. Support any number of items without having to drill any holes to attach your mounting base. Simply put this product near the mounting surface and feel it almost jump out of your hand. Containing 3 rare earth magnets, you can imagine just how strongly this unique device is drawn to ferrous metals. The composite adapter designed to conceal the magnets is made of durable composite to prevent scratching the mounting surface. Ideally suited for many applications, you’re sure to find many ways to use your new magnetic mount at work, home, on the go, or at play. Bulb Specifications: 12.8 Volts 37.5 Watts Material: High Strength Composite & Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum Ball Size: 1″ Rubber Ball „B” Size Note: Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. A Cigarette Lighter Socket is included. A PAR36 Style Bulb is included. Related Links:Bulb replacement instructions Video Gallery.

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