Marine (Boat, Kayak, SUP)
Part Type:
ArmAccessories Post/Spline Components
Solution Type:
Material Finish:
High Strength Composite


Description: Versatility. That one word sums up what you get when you purchase RAM products. For Kayaks, versatility is key since space is always at a premium. Whether it’s to make some room or put your fishing rod within easy reach, the 11″ pipe spline post for kayaks will do the trick. Getting your rod holder up high for stand up fishing is easy with this new product. The quick release female post and spline adaptor is simple and easy to release. Building on an already impressive line of Kayak products, this extension option is a simple add-on that is sure to add more fun and comfort to your day on the water. Features: 1. Quick release and installation 2. High strength materials ensure product longevity 3. Compatible with all RAM post spline bases 4. Compatible with all RAM-ROD™ and RAM-Tube™ holders with spline posts 5. Lifetime warranty Material: High Strength CompositeDimensions: Extension Length: 11″ Note: Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. Related Links: RAM Adapt-A-Post™ ExtensionsKayak MountsFishing Rod Holders

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