The RAP-274-1-TO9 consists of the EZ-ON/OFF™ dual strap base, swivel diamond adapter base and high strength composite cradle for the TomTom GO 740 LIVE. Adjust the zip ties to attach to a variety of rails, from a minimum of 0.5″ in diameter. With a press on the diamond adapter the EZ-ON/OFF™ system allows for the quick release of the cradle from the base. When connected, the diamond base can rotate, allowing for you to position the GO 740 LIVE cradle for optimum viewing. This mount is designed to hold the following devices: TomTom GO 740 LIVE Material: High Strength CompositeNote: RAM offers a part to adapt the TomTom cradle to a standard RAM ball and socket mounting system, RAP-274-1BU, which is ideal for taking your mounted device from your bicycle to another vehicle. Note: Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. Mount includes 12 degree tappered shaft for tapered handlebars. Related Links:Installation InstructionsRAM EZ-ON/OFF™ Product Page

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