BASE 2″ X 4″ W/ 1 1/2″ BALL STD ARM TRK

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If you are looking for a mounting solution that is fast, simple, and won’t mark up your handle bar, this is it. Don’t waste your time looking for something better because this is the best. The RAM EZ-Strap™ installs in seconds and grips tubing, square rails and irregular shapes like a Python. This gem of a mount is ideally suited for smaller electronic devices like iPods, iPhones, GPS, and other similar devices. Attach devices to your motorcycle, bicycle, atv, golf cart and more. The RAM EZ-Strap™ is extremely strong and low cost. You’ll probably buy one for a friend and several for yourself. This addition to the RAM line of mounting products is sure to be a fan favorite. The RAM EZ-Strap™, with double ball LONG arm, can be cut to fit tubing, square rails and irregular shapes from 0.5″ to 2.58″ in diameter. The EZ-Strap™ mount will attach directly to RAM Mount cradles that have a hole pattern that will match the diamond adaptor. The overall length of the LONG arm adapter is 3″. This mount rotates 180 degrees.Material: High strength composite with rubber lined strapNote: Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. Related Links:RAM EZ-Strap™ Mount New Products Page EZ-Strap™ Strap Cut SizesEZ-Strap™ Installation Instructions

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